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Example #1: A birthday reminder application

So you want to build an application that reminds you about important birthdays...

You want to be able to add a birthday and receive a 'birthday reminder' email one month before the actual date, to give you time to buy pressies, beer and silly hats.

When writing your application you could continously 'poll' the database looking for all the birthdays for which reminder emails are due to be sent.

...OR when a new birthday is added to the application, a single automatic API call to CallMyApp can be made that creates a 'callback' for that birthday.

When the date occurs, CallMyApp will simply send an HTTP POST request back to your application (or any URL you supply in the API call). Your application can then send the appropriate reminder emails.

And because you specify the callback url, you can add any URL parameters you wish (tokens, identifiers or usernames etc) so that when your application receives the callback it will know exactly which birthday is approaching...