What is CallMyApp?

  • CallMyApp is a simple free online time-based 'callback' service written to be used by 3rd party application developers. You can think of it as simply an online 'cron' service.
  • With CallMyApp you can create a 'callback' via a RESTful API that will 'POST' to an arbitrary URL at a given time. You can even set options to continuously repeat the callback at a specified time interval.

Who should use CallMyApp?

The primary audience are application developers. CallMyApp is an online, RESTful API service that can be integrated into 3rd party applications to offer asyncronous, scheduled HTTP callbacks.

Why should I use CallMyApp?

Advantages of CallMyApp

  • CallMyApp removes your application's dependency on OS level functions, which eases development, deployment and maintenance across multiple environments and operating systems.
  • Integrating CallMyApp into your application means that you can manage, modify and test application 'cron jobs' remotely without requiring access to the operating system.
  • In addition, CallMyApp brings the benefit of managing 'cron jobs' easily by engineers/developers across multiple servers and domains from a single API and web interface without the need to physically access machines.
  • Integrating CallMyApp can also increase system security by reducing the number of people that require operating system level access to test or modify application behaviour - or in other words, developers do not need server access, only system administrators.
  • Using CallMyApp also means that you simply have less code to write - let CallMyApp deal with dates and scheduling stuff!

What's the problem with using a traditional CRON job/service?

CallMyApp is essentially a replacement for a traditional OS 'cron' or 'job scheduler' system. The problem with these systems is that they are often configured at the operating system level, which means their configuration is probably not easily 'portable' (if you are developing on Windows, the scheduler works differently from Linux or Unix). In addition, changing an OS level cron/scheduler requires 'administrator' access and can often only be done 'manually'. For these reasons, controlling OS level 'cron' functionality can not easily be integrated into a development environment.

I want to use CallMyApp, where do I start?

To start using CallMyApp, simply register for free to obtain your 'API' key, then take a look at the documentation on how to integrate CallMyApp into your applications.